July, 2019

Date Posted: 08/09/2019

Recent Completed Optimization

  • On Monday, July 15:
    • Power Chart Touch Pilot started:
      • ​PowerChart Touch allows providers to use PowerChart from an iPad or tablet and includes the ability to use Camera Capture. We have 60 pilot users trialing the application today at Northern Light Health.
      • Because we now have some providers capturing photos for the patient record, the Media Gallery is now available to providers and certain other end-user groups. Images in the Media Gallery can be tagged and dropped into the images section of a dynamic documentation note.
    • Communication Types were updated in the Ordering Provider window for front office staff and clinical staff in Cerner "legacy" practices (those using Cerner prior to September 2018). The changes bring the options into alignment with those available to practices that have implemented Cerner more recently.
  • On Wednesday, July 17:
    • High Alert medication verification for chemotherapy/biologics was implemented at Northern Light Cancer Care at EMMC. This process helps ensure that all high-risk medications are verified by a second nurse at the time of administration.
    • Workflow Pages were updated with several enhancements and corrections.
    • The TAMC Centricity EMR was added to the list of historical health records available through the Historical Records View link in PowerChart/FirstNet.
  • On Monday, July 22:
    • The Medical Services field replaced the Attending Medical Services field in Cerner for registration and scheduling users. It is required for all In-Patient, Out-Patient, Ambulatory, and Series encounters. (Please direct questions to Revenue Cycle Informatics.)
  • On Tuesday, July 23:
    • Several changes were made to support the chaplaincy program:
      • The Spiritual Service position in PowerChart was granted access to Message Center all allow the Chaplaincy Intern to forward the Spiritual Care Note to the supervising Chaplain for co-signature.
      • A new Spiritual Consult order prints a requisition to the identified printer at each facility. This requisition prints whenever a nurse selects "yes" to the "Hospital Clergy to Visit" question and when a Spiritual Consult order is placed.
  • On Wednesday, July 24:
    • The following OB/GYN Quick Wins were implemented:
      • The Adhoc folder will now default to the OB/GYN Outpatient Documentation folder. This places the needed PowerForms face-up in Adhoc, reducing time and “clicks.”
      • Because Inland’s ACOG Safety Certification in Outpatient Practice Excellence (SCOPE) requires specific documentation of Domestic Violence screening, an Antepartum Follow Up Intake Form has been created and added.
        • This is a shortened version of the Antepartum Intake Form.
        • All other sites should continue to use iView for follow up documentation.

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