August, 2019

Date Posted: 09/09/2019

Recent Completed Optimization

  • On Thursday, August 1:
    • FirstNet Results Callback was updated so that only appropriate lab results appear to the ordering walk in care provider. This eliminated the appearance of results obtained during the visit on the results callback feature.
  • On Tuesday, August 6:
    • ​Lactate orders were updated to reflect sepsis measures and reduce the incidence of missed repeat lactate levels.
    • The Vent Settings (Conventional) order was updated to support the ordering of two additional modes of invasice ventiliation (EMMC and Mercy).
  • On Tuesday, August 13:
    • InterQual Clinical Review within PowerChart became available for documentation to care managers/utilization review personnel at Blue Hill, CA Dean, Inland, and Sebasticook Valley Hospitals.  This allows staff members to perform and document their clinical review all within one system, PowerChart.
    • Physician co-signatures became required for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Referrals and Evaluations.  This change was made in response to CMS regulatory guidelines.
  • On Thursday, August 15:
    • A new feature was added on the FirstNet LaunchPoint tool called Checkout. This is available to all Emergency Department and Walk-in-Care locations. Checkout provides access to the charts of patients who have left the department. This allows staff to finish charting, make corrections, etc. This tool also offers department metrics and a link to discern reports.
  • On Monday, August 19:
    • As part of ongoing efforts to increase efficiency and reduce call backs to providers, we reverted to using the AMB Holter Monitor Request and AMB Cardiac Event Monitor Request orders, instead of the Referral Order to Cardiology (for these tests).  These AMB prefix orders have specific order details that are important to patient care and coordination and was often missed with ordering as a referral order.
    • The CDC and CDC WHO growth charts for pediatric patients were combined.
  • On Tuesday, August 20:
    • The AMB buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone) PowerPlan were implemented.
    • The Controlled Substance Management Form was updated to streamline documentation and reporting efforts.
  • On Tuesday, August 27:
    • Patient Visit Summary (PVS) used in the hospital setting will be upgraded.  The changes will better meet our patients’ discharge related educational needs by displaying relevant information in a more concise and visually appealing manner. 

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