December, 2019

Date Posted: 01/22/2020

Recent Completed Optimization

  • On Monday, December 9:
    • Respiratory Therapy documentation and ordering was optimized to take advantage of new task list tools, clinically driven charge capture, and (at some locations) Bedside Monitoring Device interface (BMDI) functionalities.
  • On Tuesday, December 10:
    • The ePrescription tool within PowerChart and FirstNet was upgraded to comply with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) SCRIPT 2017071 standard.  The changes included in this upgrade offer providers the ability to be proactive when ordering electronic prescriptions to reduce delays in patients receiving medications.
    • Two confidential note types were added to the "More" dropdown on the Primary Care workflow page: Confidential Well Child; Confidential Office Visit.  These note types are designed to be used for adolescent patients when documenting drug use or reproductive concerns, or when confidentiality is required as detrermined at the provider's discretion.
  • On Wednesday, December 11:
    • The Wound/Ostomy Note section in AdHoc forms was updated to pull in the Last Charted Value.  This allows clinicians to create a continuous flowing note to reflect the patient's current care plan, if desired.  This documentation is viewable in both Ambulatory and Acute care areas to ensure continuity of care.
  • On Tuesday, December 17:
    • The Blood Product Administration band was pulled into FirstNet Interactive View and I&O (iView) for ED Nurses.  This improves consistency with documentation across hospital settings.
  • On Monday, December 23:
    • The Medication Administration Record (MAR) tasks for Saline Lock Flushes were turned off at Blue Hill, CA Dean, and Inland Hospitals.  Documentation of the saline lock flush is performed in Interactive View and I&O (iView), making the MAR task completion redundant and unnecessary.  This is also consistent with the workflow at other Northern Light member organizations.
  • On Tuesday, December 31:
    • New ED Auto-Texts became available for use by Emergency Department physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses. ED PowerNotes will be retired in early 2020 for all ED providers.  ED providers are encouraged to transition to Dynamic Documentation, as soon as possible.  The use of auto-texts can significantly ease this transition.  Additionally, providers are encouraged to take advantage of available educational opportunities to learn and/or optimize the use of the Dynamic Documentation tool.

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